Electric Rice Mills Reduce Reliance on Soaring Diesel Prices in Niger State, Nigeria

The REA-RMI Energizing Agriculture Programme is helping Nigerian farmers build viable businesses by providing efficient and cheaper-to-run electric rice mills with affordable financing options.   At today’s fuel prices, Mohammed Aliyu’s diesel-powered rice mill sometimes costs him more to run than he makes selling the end product, resulting in losses for his business. His experience is […]

A Blueprint for Productive Use of Clean Energy: An Accelerator in Nigeria Generates Solutions for Linking Mini-Grids to Agricultural Equipment in Rural Communities

There are over 70 mini-grids in operation in Nigeria today. Most of these isolated power systems are powered by a combination of solar power, battery storage and small diesel generators that provide back-up power when needed, with the goal of delivering reliable clean energy to communities that are accessing electricity for the first time.

Keeping The Catch Fresh: Fishers Cut Spoilage with Solar Minigrid in Kiguna, Nigeria 

In Kiguna, Nigeria, a solar minigrid-powered cold room reduces post-harvest losses and increases profits for fishers and fish traders.   Alia Umoru, a 40-year-old mother of eight, has spent the past 20 years gutting and smoking her husband’s catch of croaker, tilapia, and catfish over a wood fire by night. She wakes up early to sell […]