Energizing Agriculture Programme Project Sites

Innovation Accelerator Teams bring together Expertise from agriculture, Equipment, and Energy Experts to identify, test, and scale ag-energy solutions

Electrifying rice milling

Integrate rice mills at minigrid sites to assess their technical and economic potential for scale.

Team Members: 

Energy Excell (Equipment Provider), SEEDFIRST (Value Chain Expert), Powergen & Nayo Tropical Technologies (Minigrid Developers), Koolmill (Rice Milling Service Provider)

Electric vehicles for farm logistics

Assess the economic rationale for and scaling potential of EVs for farm logistics in the maize value chain.

Team Members: 

Babban Gona & One Acre Fund (Value Chain Experts and Vehicle Operators), MAX (Vehicle Provider), ACOB Lighting & SOLMENZ (Minigrid Developers)

Minigrid-powered oil palm milling

Assess the economic rationale for electric palm milling and its scaling potential in crude palm oil production areas. 

Team Members: 

Releaf (Value Chain Expert and Palm Oil and Kernel Offtaker), ACOB Lighting (Minigrid Developer), Muhat Engineering Ltd. (Equipment Manufacurer)

Electrifying incumbent fossil-fueled processing

Test a business model that profitably provides electric processing options at scale to rural entrepreneurs alongside minigrid deployment.

Team Members: 

Prado Power (Minigrid Developer), Farm Warehouse (Retrofit and Equipment Replacement Service Provider), Fabunmi Ltd. & AMEFAN (Equipment Providers)


Minigrid-powered cold storage

Identify, test, and scale cold storage models in minigrid sites.

Team Members: 

Koolboks, Manamuz
Coldhubs, & Ecotutu (Cold Storage Providers), Husk Power, GVE, Prado Power, & Nayo Tropical Technologies (Minigrid Developers)