A Blueprint for Productive Use of Clean Energy: An Accelerator in Nigeria Generates Solutions for Linking Mini-Grids to Agricultural Equipment in Rural Communities

There are over 70 mini-grids in operation in Nigeria today. Most of these isolated power systems are powered by a combination of solar power, battery storage and small diesel generators that provide back-up power when needed, with the goal of delivering reliable clean energy to communities that are accessing electricity for the first time.

Electrifying Nigerian Agriculture with Clean Minigrids to Improve Livelihoods

Note: This article first appeared on USAID’s Facebook Page, and is also available at RMI.org. A 2020 Power Africa study found immediate opportunity to initiate and scale the productive use of energy from Nigerian minigrids by electrifying three prevalent agricultural processing activities: rice milling, grain flour milling, and cassava grating. Andrew Allee, James Sherwood, Falaq Tidjani, Ayodeji […]