The Energizing Agriculture Programme

Catalyzing economic development and improving rural livelihoods by leveraging energy access to boost agricultural productivity.

The REA-RMI Nigeria Energizing Agriculture Programme (EAP) is revolutionizing the way rural communities use electricity in agriculture.

When people have the tools to mill, thresh, charge, chill, chop, and cook, they can enjoy the benefits of energy access, while also improving the feasibility of the systems that serve them. Our commercial and community partners are working to ensure these tools are available to communities throughout Nigeria.

Learn more about how we combine minigrid electricity supply with end-user supports to improve rural livelihoods and lower the cost of power. 

Our partners are testing and debugging models for pairing new energy access with the means to use it and are building pipelines of projects to scale these models to hundreds of Nigerian communities by 2024.

See our project pipeline and results to date.

Group photo

Energizing Agriculture Programme Project Sites

A group of Nigerian colleagues from REA, partner organizations, and RMI posing for a workshop photo.

Our REA-RMI team works to support our partners' success and scale commercially viable solutions.

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